Re: [OffTopic] SendMail Attachments?

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 01/12/98

>> I've been wondering this for awhile, b/c it's impossible for me to email
>> my self my code (via a script or something) AS the message. It causes
>> problems on my system at home.
>It's not wise to send binaries via email.  The 8th bit is not always
>supported by different SMTP servers, which means some email from Europe can
>get pretty munged by the time it arrives here.

well, i'm sending them to myself, from a server about 1 state away from me.
besides, if it gets munged up that's no problem for me, i'm not worried.

>> I'm just wondering if it's possible.
>Depends on the mail client.  Almost every mail client nowadays offers some
>sort of MIME support, and there is always the tried and true uuencode, it's
>not exactly an attachment, but it makes your binaries safe for email.

FINALLY!!! Someone that DIDN'T tell me to go INTO pine and look
for the Attachment: section (I'm not a moron or a newbie, people, I just
have trouble
with wording my questions right).
Anyway, when I send a 500 k file, my mail client (Eudora Pro 3) chops
it into like 4 different files (or used to, i'm not sure now)
but even if it doesn't, how would I go about  uudecoding it through Eudora?

Again, I appreciate the help d.

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