Re: [newbie-ish] question

From: Marc Gale (m.gale@HUGH.BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 01/14/98

> 1) The new exits , ne nw se sw  i mean, how do i make it so as they're
> aliased to northeast instead of news.

In interpreter.c put the commands ne, nw, se, sw with the northeast
lot, doing exactly the same thing, but two seperate checks.  In the
same way that wiznet and ; do the same thing.

> 2) How do i set it up so as the player enters from  the spot they quit
> from instead of room 3001 or whatever.

In the do_quit command, set the loadroom of the player to equal the
room they are in when they type quit.  But if you are doing this,
make sure that they autoequip when the re-enter, otherwise you could
have players re-entering in dark rooms with no way of seeing what
they are doing, even if they were holding a light when they quit.

> Emm, thats about all i can think of that i can remember off hand.
> These have probably been asked and answered before i ever joined this
> mailing list so feel free to mail any responses and answers/flames/offers
> of anything to and ease some strain on the poor
> mail server :)

Flame sensible questions, clearly marked as newbie? never.


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