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From: Kingmundi (Kingmundi@AOL.COM)
Date: 01/14/98

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<< introductions.

 The only problem that I see with this, is that after a character has been
 deleted and a purge has been run on all the deleted characters, their id
 nums will then be available for new characters. I can better illustrate
 the problem than describe it.

 Bob introduces himself to you. (idnum = 5)
 Bob deletes.
 Immort kills the mud, runs the purge to free up spaces, and restarts mud.
 Joe makes new character and gets idnum 5 because it's now free.
 You now know Joe automatically because his idnum is stored in your list
         of known characters.

 There needs to be some method of removing someone's idnum from all
 characters list of known characters when they delete.

an idea, what if the ID number was the date and time of the creation of the
and instead of
     joe deletes himself.... go through all the playerfiles and delete vnum
intro that they know joe

     do a check when a player logons after so much time has passed to see if
joe still exists

just replying offhand in my email program, ideas not thought all the way
through.. note

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