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From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 01/14/98

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, AxL wrote:

> > Try,
> >
> > if (successful_disarm_attempt) {
> >   obj_to_char(unequip_char(victim, WEAR_WIELD), victim);
>         Hmm...wouldn't a disarmed weapon tend to fall out of the wielder's
> grasp? :)   obj_to_room would be a better idea, perhaps...

Not always. From SCA experience in tourneys and battles, I have been
disarmed and had five different results:
1) Bobbled weapon but managed to keep it in grasp by the hilt.
2) Bobbled weapon and somehow got stuck cradling it in my arms. Eek!
3) Dropped the damn thing, but it hung by the lanyard from my wrist.
4) Dropped it, had the lanyard break and the weapon fell on my foot. Hurt
kinda bad. :(
5) Knocked from grasp, lanyard snapped (have a bad habit of that), and the
sword flew several feet.. ok.. several yards, and landed on someone else's

So... From real combat experience, I can attest to the fact that disarmed
weapons kind of have a mind of their own. My own disarm code reflects this
in the fact that a weapon can end of in several different places:
1) Still in use.
2) In character's inventory.
3) In the room with the character.
4) In a room adjacent to the character. (Rare, but happens.)

There is a different skill altogether that allows the person doing the
disarming to snag the weapon from mid-air and keep it. Yes, such a
maneuver does exist. It's a kendo form that is VERY difficult to perform
and I would highly suggest using a rattan dowel instead of live steel when
learning it (Gotta few nicks and some nasty head wounds from using steel
to learn it.) Yes. I am being serious. Crazy, huh?

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