Re: [Serious Loophole]

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 01/15/98

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Cris Jacobin wrote:

>246 [ 1 Wa   ] Noname       Playing          0 16:29:11 []
>245 [ 1 Wa   ] Noname       Playing          0 16:29:00 []
>244 [ 1 Wa   ] Noname       Playing          0 16:28:50 []

>        Snooped to see what was going on, seems this Grinzhni individual
>knows how to log on an infinite ammount of the same char.  While he was
>talking to one of our chars, he said that all diku's were prone to this and
>there was nothing can be done to prevent an intentional crash using this

Guess CircleMUD will have to be the first (probly not) to fix it then. :)

>        Seems the speed at which the new chars where created had something
>to do with it, at least that's what I gathered contextually from the

You basically do it in steps.

>        If anyone has seen this before, and can offer a clue as to how to
>prevent this I would most appreciate it.  Can remember ever seeing
>something like this before.

I'll cook up a fix when I get the chance, probably sometime tonight or
tomorrow.  There is already a fix you can use but that prevents
reconnecting if you lag out.

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