Compile Error

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 01/16/98

heya..i was wondering if anyone knows what would cause this error when i
try to compile on my server (freebsd):

"Undefined symbol `__startup_setlocale' referenced from text segment"

it happens after the ".c" files are compiled, and the ".o" files are
being linked to make the circle executable..i know that this means that
this function is being called from somewhere, but its not anywhere in my
code..what's odd is that it compiled fine the last time i tried on this
machine (which was some time in november), and it compiles fine on my
local machine (also freebsd, same ver as server)...oh, and i haven't changed
this source since november either..

my guess is that my ISP changed gcc versions or something, but i don't
really know enough to say that with any certainty..anybody able to shed
some light on this?


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