Re: parse error

From: Davidson, Christopher M (Christopher.Davidson@PSS.BOEING.COM)
Date: 01/16/98

> Since you didn't send me the code that you have, I will assume that
> you
> have stock BPL 12 under Slack. I just gunzipped/tarred the stock
> release
> and did configure and make under Slackware.
> My line 64 of comm.c is:
> extern int restrict;
That's exactly what mine said.  I am running stock BPL 12 under slack
3.4.0  I did get it to work by changing all references from 'restrict'
to 'restr'.  Got it running and logged in.  So as far as that goes...I
think I'm okay.  I wonder if something was changed in recent version of
Slackware to have restrict as a keyword for something or other?
Chris Davidson
Shared Services Group - ATEMS Focal - X to PC Focal
206-662-3001 "home" 206-541-0754 leash

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