From: Byron and Julie Turk (turk@R2D2.ISWI.NET)
Date: 01/18/98

  I just started a mud, and am getting nasty lag that is pretty reliable...
meaning I think its a code problem, since my mud is usually the only process
running on the server.  It seems to appear about every 30 minutes, and lasts
for approximately 2 minutes, during which I watch 'top' show that circle is
going from 0.4% CPU to 99.22% CPU, and then it slowly goes back to normal.
  My syslog.CRASH shows SYSERR: CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics not updated.
This log is put in by the comm.c

if (!tics) {
  log ("SYSERR: .........");

If any of you know what may be causing this, please clue me in.  If you wanna
flame me, if this is something blazenly obvious to you experienced coders,
email me your flame.  I just want some help.


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