Re: [kind of off-topic]

From: Arnold Santayana (matrim@KUENTOS.GUAM.NET)
Date: 01/18/98

> Remember, though, that MUD coding is a hobby (no matter how serious
> some people take it);
true it's only a hobby for me :) tell the truth i really love playing or
imming, just
trying a hand at coding my own to tinker around with my own ideas

> ->My suggestion:  Buy a hard drive with at least 1-2 gigs of space and
> If you are going to run Windows and you aren't using FAT32, then make
> sure you partion large hard drives into relatively smaller drivers.
> The block size used by the 16-bit FAT is unsuited for large hard
> drives and results in a lot of wasted space. (On the other hand, Linux
> affords you a choice of file system and even block size in some
> cases).
i'm going to use a FAT32 soon, how small do you recommend?

> Quick suggestion: watch what you quote.  You had quotes trailing your
> message.
? my message?

anyways thanks for the input guys.. was thinking about running partition
space yet


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