Re: [CODE] Bugfix

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 01/19/98

>>   if(GET_NAME(dt->character))
>Is 'dt' NULL? (Which would mean your 'for' loop is incorrect.)

Yes it is.  I put an if(dt) before it all and it doesn't get to the other
stuff.  However, why this is null is a good question.

Here's what I got:

struct descriptor_data *dt;

 for (dt = descriptor_list; dt; dt = dt->next)
     if(GET_NAME(dt->character) && !strcmp(GET_NAME(dt->character), newname))
       return FALSE;

Now without the if(dt) it will crash, so I'm guessing it's null.  Just urm,
dont know what to do about it :)

Chuck Reed

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