TimeDiff and [OffTopic] POP and Perl.

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 01/22/98

Was wondering again if anyone had problems with timediff on a linux
machine? Standard CON_ defines in interpreter.c lock up the mud and then
close (tics not updated or a crash on timediff, have posted a few times on
this and at this point its a questioning again so I can ask an offtopic
question without feeling guilty >=)


Set up my Linux box and was wondering if anyone has done any work with
something like Perl or shell scripting to telnet into a POP mail server on
port 110, log in with a username and password, see how many messages are
there, take them and dump them to a file, remove them from the server, and
quit out?

Or would it be better to try this in C? Not sure if I'd be better making a
direct socket connection or trying to run through output redirection...

Any ideas? Basically I want to take it off the mail server and spool it to
my local /var/spool/mail -- and possibly make a generic CGI WWW interface
for POP mail servers.

StormeRider                  --- http://www.windsofstorm.net/wos/
silk@ici.net                 --- telnet://cmoo.com:4004

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