Re: Exp & Thac0 tables after adding levels

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 01/22/98

> Along those same lines, is anyone else as frustrated with the general
> level of 'throwbackiness' inherit in muds? Why are there player 'levels'?
> Why are rooms separated by 'zone', and not loaded statically into a grid
> array? Why in god's name do we still have 90% of all muds using those same
> tired six stats for characters?
        Not everyone.
        Levels and stats come from Dungeons and Dragons, which many muds
owe much of their general style to.  Aside from some gurps-like systems
out there, just about every pen and paper system has some sort of
leveling system. It was just easier on real people, as opposed to
math on computers.

        I have no idea about the zones.
                        Anyone else wanna field this one?


        Though I wish I didn't have to keep putting out new renditions of
the dynamic board code, it seems there are even more bugs. Hurrah. Version
2.2 is just about done, the fixes are as follows:

        Correct board routines if character is dc'ed/goes linkdead while
        Date is correct for messages (Thnx to Dopplanger Softs)
        Mob-relations work correctly (Thnx to Darkenelf of Asritya)

        Also, in next versions, the respond code (to respond to a
previously posted message) is included in the patch.  I'm too lazy to take
it out :)


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