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From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 01/22/98

Redirected to list, hope no one minds.

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Nicholas S. Wourms wrote:

>>Another note, if anyone wants DG Script code in OasisOLC v2.0 they had
>>better mail it to me sometime between now and next year. :)
>Does this mean that you will phase out mobprog support in v2.0?

Nope, it'll have both. (Compile-time option) I do reserve the right to
reject ugly attempts at writing one for it though. (Maybe that's the next
project after all the bugs are ironed out...)

>>Any other links requested should be mailed to me also. (Even willing to
>>host a web page if it's for a honest CircleMUD project, like if I ever give
>>up OasisOLC, the page can stay on my machine if the person wants.)
>Also, is Jeremy still developing the code or has he turned it over to you?
>(Just curious)

     * The Official CircleMUD Home page
       This is the official CircleMUD home page, maintained by Circle's
       creator and sometimes-maintainer, Jeremy Elson.

He still maintains it, he's just been real busy lately.

(Probably sick of all the stuff I mail him too...) :)

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