Re: 128 Bit Vectors

From: Chris (darkness@MUD.NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 01/23/98

> I'm not sure, but I think there'e a copy of bpl8 with the 128-bitvector
> code on the ftp site.  So, instead of converting all the areas, you might
> be able to simply take the areas from this tarred version of
> '128bit-circle' and stick them in your altered bpl12.  Thus, avoiding
> going through all those obj and mob files and adding 3 extra 0's for every
> mob and object.
Since my provider has been down last couple days dunn oif this has been
mentioned.  If you have OasisOLC(dunno bout obuild) make all changes to
save functions in oedit\medit, leave db.c alone.  Boot up the mud and to
oedit\medit save to all zones(or get lazy and write something that will
save all for you).  Then shutdown mud, edit db.c for new numbers and you
should be ok.
Chris Powell

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