Re: NEWBIE help

From: jimmy (jimmy@WWW.BLACKWING.NET)
Date: 01/24/98

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998, Will Andrews wrote:
> Umm.. there is the "shutdown" command. And there's kill -9 bin/circle.

Thanks, but I guess i wasn't clear.  The 'shutdown' will not work
from inside the mud.  I messed the level up on it and fixed it so
I couldn't use it.  I did kill -9 on the file to so it doesn't show up
when I type 'ps'.

I edited the files and fixed what was causing the problem. However, I
cannot reboot it because as I said above the command was the problem and
isn't working. Also even though it appears that I've killed it when I type
'ps'.  The mud can still be logged into and it has never shutdown.

Is there anything else i can do to get the thing to stop running and


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