[code] Autoquest 1.1 release

From: claywar (claywar@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 01/25/98

Well, due to the lack of [imo] adequate automated quest systems, I decided
to do my [good] deed to the circlemud community and release my own
automated quest system.  It is a step above the old merc code in several

-- Online quest editor following OasisOLC structure.
-- Five included quest triggers with easy expansion to accomodate more
-- Saved completed quests so pc can't complete the same quest over and
-- Flags which can further define the scope of a quest
-- Builder can set almost everything =), only thing it doesn't set is
   questmaster specproc (see readme)
-- Archive includes support for both binary and ascii pfiles
-- qstat/qlist commands for easy viewing of existing quests
-- Much, much more?

I haven't uploaded the code anywhere yet because the patches have not been
fully tested except for what is on my mud (which has been working quite
well for awhile).  If you wish to test it please email me privately.  The
sooner I know everything works right, the sooner its released. =)

Faras@Morgaelin         :: mud.dwango.com 3000
claywar@rjsonline.net   :: http://anyhost.simplenet.com/morgaelin

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