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From: Chuck Carson (newearth@DIGMO.ORG)
Date: 01/27/98

I have posted a copy of patch level 12 with the following mutilations:

128 bits
new eq positions (right ear, left ear, eyes, back, face)
increased objects value array from 4 elements to 8
several new room defines, liquid types, and sector types
levels increased to 104

Note: This code does not have Oasis or OBuild.
Note: The seg fault bug when a aggro mob hits a death trap still
      occurs, I simply removed the DT's, as I do not need them.
Note: If you use your world files, you must convert them for 128 bits, I
      have the perl scripts from the site included in the world dirs
Note: You do not need to convert for the 4 extra values for each object,
      I do a check at boot time and set missing values to zero.

This copy is 4 megs due to my backups and etc... I do not have time to
extract the 'good stuff' at the moment, but will have soon. I did remove
all binaries and etc...

This code is eventually going to be a futuristic mud with loadable weapons
and etc.....

I will try and fix the death trap bug and tar up a smaller version, but I
am really swamped at the moment. I have no plans on adding any of the OLC
packages either.

Here is the site:
The file is called NewEarth.tar.gz, there is also a readme.NewEarth

Please update me on any bugs or problems you discover if you take a look
at this code.


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