Re: [ALERT!!!] Major back door in AScii PFiles!!!

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 01/28/98

> or just look at how Death's Gate did this with the show/hide_tilde function.
> pretty interesting,
> just use a Magic_char to replace the tilde in the desc,
> save it, and when it's read back in, just show_tilde.
> that's it.

        Hey yeah, that works too. :)

        What goes into a martini?  Really, this is about circle stuff.

                        Well, mostly.

        I got bored and sat down and wrote a drink mixing skill.  As soon
as I patchify it, I'll send it out.  It has about 70 or so different
liquids, and right now, only about 10-20 drinks, I forget, but enough to
make it easily add-on-able.  Right now, it has easy commands like "mix
lime vodka gimlet" or "mix rum and coke", or "mix three wiseman".

        Aside from complete boredom, would anyone actually look at this?

        Oh, and for all you fans of the old (i think) merc style of
killing monsters, where death wasn't the last bit of fun you could
have with them - you can play with the body parts you cut off! well, I
wrote a quick function "make_fun_body_pieces" or something of the sort
long ago, and in my present wacky mood, I thought someone out there might
enjoy it.  If anyone would like that, I'll send it out as well. It makes
for some comedy if you hand someone his bowels when they log back in -
after you deboweled them.  I mean... imagine it.. er.. rather.. icky.
Never mind.  I think I'll go to sleep now. :)

                Oh. I'll put out the final (hopefully) version of the
board code at the same time as those other two - i'm cut off from my pc
for the time being, and have to use a laptop. Bleh.


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