Re: [NEWBIE] 128 bitvectors

From: Erik & Tanya Niese-Petersen (Tenp@CRIS.COM)
Date: 01/28/98

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Tadrith, the Silver Gryphon wrote:

>         I recently added a number of classes to my MUD, which has pushed my
> ITEM_XXXX bitvectors over the limit to 33, mainly because of all the
> ITEM_ANTI_XXXX that needed to be put in. I admit, I have no clue when it
> comes to bitvectors, and they generally give me a hard time. How can we
> tell if our GCC will accept the long long format? Where would I need to set
> long long for this particular structure? I tried a few things...the long
> long doesn't stop the compiler, but whatever I did doesn't seem to take
> effect. I'd appreciate any input anyone has on this...

We tried long long on StrangeMUD. GCC can compile it fine, but it just
wont work, if you don't have the right hardware (Need some chip I can't
remember the name off, but look at Gnu's website. It's there somewhere)

Go for either an array bitvector (Like my 128 Bit code) or bitfields.

Erik Niese-Petersen
AKA Quint the Typo Dane

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