Re: [newbie]A strange crash 98 11:36:39 pm"

From: Erik Bernhardson (journey@JPS.NET)
Date: 01/28/98

> Reading symbols from /lib/
> #0  0x804e6be in do_ctell (ch=0x8430e50, argument=0xbffff876 "e raven",
>     cmd=44, subcmd=0) at act.comm.c:623
> 623           if (i->character->player_specials->saved.clan == c){

i->character is null.  You didnt do a list but I"m assuming i is a pointer in the descriptor list somewhere.  What happenes is some player isnt in the game, so
they dont have i->character allocated, and tada crash.  to fix make it:
        if (i->character != NULL && i->character->player_specials->saved.clan == c) {

Erik Bernhardson
Lor, Implementor of pHANTAZM 2222

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