Re: RCS & MUDs (disc CVS)

From: d. hall (dhall@OOI.NET)
Date: 09/06/98

>>>>>> thus on Sun, 6 Sep 1998 10:28:46 -0400, StormeRider wrote:

> Just a quick note; I know that of late, a lot of people have been pushing
> source code control on the open source community, something I think
> we're all happy to be a part of-- or else we wouldnt be running our own
> muds in all probability.

I've seen, been a part of, and worked with CVS, in and outside of mud
coding.  CVS, I believe originally built on top of RCS to help use RCS, but
now a separate package altogether is nice for managing a source of several
different hosts.

You can remotely checkout your source, let's say from the master server
Repository into your home computer.  Fiddle with it, and check it back in.
CVS handles the conflicts, by clearly 'complaining' about them, and marking
them in such a way that you cannot compile with resolving them.  In this
way you can handle multiple developers with ease.  You don't have to patch
in another developer's source, CVS does it for you.

I also personally like it since I can use pcl-CVS mode in emacs to handle
most of the day to day grunt work.  The modules within means you can lock
out sections of code.  Allowing builders to only access the zones, and new
coders to only access the spellsystem, etc...

With enough post-checkin scripts, you can setup the mud to autocompile to a
'beta' bin directory after you checkin.  If you have a lot of people
working on the same source, on the same host, CVS may not be for you,
unless you've got quite a bit of disk space to have several copies of the
same souce, one for each developer.


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