Re: guilds.patch

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 09/18/98

> Hmm this patch seems slightly undone. i just finished patching it in
> (hand) and i went to compile and found that in the Makefile under the
> array guild.o, seems to make a guild.c call and i believe the same for
> gedit, since i just now noticed this one. I probably wouldn't have patched
> this in for the fact of not getting the gedit.c or the guild.c after
> gziping and untaring.

it looks like whoever made the patch wanted to have those files created by
the patch command, but they made the patch incorrectly, and it only notes
that the files exist only in the non-stock should contact
whoever uploaded the patch and ask the for the files, and let them know
about the error..


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