From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/01/00

> > Jan 29 17:26:44 :: SYSERR: Received SIGHUP, SIGINT, or SIGTERM.  Shutting
> > down...
> > Quick boot mode -- rent check supressed.
> > Using file descriptor for logging.
> That usually means that the server your MUD is running on was rebooted,
> check with your sysadmin.
> you can also try running the mud with the following command...
> nohup ./autorun&
        This is very likely in the WTFAQ, but I'm feeling charitable
today.  SIGHUP/INT/TERM is the common way to kill a program.  Some
shells/systems attempt to kill (sending SIGTERM, I believe?) any processes
which are active and attached to the current terminal when that terminal
is disconnected.  Ie:  it kills any processes running when you logout.
Nohup makes it so that it will not recieve these signals, and continue on
without you being logged in.

        However, there's another more likely alternative.  If you're
running your mud on a system that is not owned by you, chances are,
someone is killing off your processes deliberately.  I know that when I
was a sysadmin, I did not allow unauthorized use of the system for things
like games, irc bots, etc.

        Again, this is most likely in the WTFAQ, so find that, and read
it, it should help you out quite a bit.


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