Re: bad emails

From: George Greer (
Date: 02/01/00

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>I don't know the e-mail addresses of the DikuMUD team off-hand.  We can't
>change it in the license, and I don't think most people are trying to
>contact them for any good reason, anyway, yes?

In the license, you're supposed to mail them.  It doesn't say all of them,
so I guess find the one that works.

We can't change the license text anyway so we can't fix it, unless they
explicitly say we can. (Like Berkeley did recently with the advertising

>I don't know what Alex's box is, but you can track down his
>regular e-mail address most probably in the list FAQ, or he'll post it
>here once/if he reads this message.

Not that I know why it's that.

George Greer

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