Re: [SUGGESTIONS] Body System

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/02/00

> << Actually that snippet doesn't work in bpl15 or 16 (probably 17 too)  I
>  tried it..  I would of updated it but had no idea how so I just took it out
>  after it didn't work and I played with it for a little..
>   >>
        Funny, the snippet itself should be nothing more complex than
adding an array of data, and a function, and then inserting that function
call before the make_corpse code.

> That snippet is really nothing like what my idea/proposal/code is. :-)  I've
> actually written limb-based damage INTO the code, meaning that your limbs can
> be damaged, rather than just randomly falling off with no effects.
        And no, that snippet is just a funny cosmetic fix.

        Actually, I was curious about this; do you find it to be working
well?  I've wanted to put, if not limb damage specifically, bleeding in,
but I find it hard to strike a balance between 'slightly annoying' and
'far far too painfully realistic and damaging'.  Of course, it doesn't
make it any better that our healing/regn system is a constant sort, _x_
points back every 2-3 seconds, and altering this rate causes a nearly
imperceptible change, or a fiercely dramatic one.


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