Re: Newbie general questions(lots)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/02/00

> 1) How difficult is it to add additional currencies to the mud.

Depends. Do you want to have interchangable ones like 1 dollar = 4
quarters = 10 dimes = 20 nickels = 100 pennies?  That's not too hard, you
can just change the way it's displayed, but actually save it all in the
lowest common denominaton..making change is automatic, money just comes
out 'looking' different, but really isn't.

        Now, you can also do it the hard way; multiple currencies,
interchangable or not, done real-world style.  For example, if you have 22
quarters, yeah, it is worth 5.50$, BUT, if someone has no money and is
selling .. I dunno.. a McDonalds happy meal for 2.99, you will get back
odd change.  If they have it!

        If you're dealing in high dollar denominations, it's entirely
possible that they _won't_ have correct change, and one of you wil have to
shortchange the other.  And if you're using material value for your
currency (gold/silver/etc), potentially, areas will not have any of the
other sorts of currencies at all.

> 2) Does anyone know of a really good but cheap MUD hosting server, cus the
> one i am on now is not good.
Not off hand. With hard work you can eventually finagle a free site with
decent resources from someone out there.  Just start slumming aorund
college networks, nearly every college out there has dorms with 24 hour
ethernet connections in each room.  It may not be permenant, but it will
be enough to do development.  If your mud is good, it will be popular
enough that you can grab a free site from someone who wants to host your
mud.  Usually just making them an immortal is enough to secure your

> 3) Does anyone have a copy of the random quotes code for use in the MUD
> opening credits.

Not me, but it would take around 20 seconds to fit something like that in
there, just an array of strings, or a text file that gets read on demand.


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