Re: a couple of questions.

From: Del (
Date: 02/04/00

The last few message you wrote, one to find the prompt code
and second how to install it.

I believe I pointed you to where it should be located.
(and woa.. you found it?)

Second, I still consider myself a newbie! I can not write code
straight off the top of my head. I still have to copy, paste, grep
and look up snippets to find functions that I need. And lastly
I ask for help, idea's. The only code I asked someone else to write
was after I made a bare bones attempt at it, which it did work.
They cleaned it up, made it more functional. I have written code (by
looking at code, copy, and addapt) for other's also.
The kinds of questions, that have been asked recently are answered
in one of three places (faq's on there also), (faq and wtfaq on there or in snippet area's),
last but not least the archives
I find most of my answers there!

As Axiem wrote also on this topic, some of the answers can be
found easily. Try looking for them or experimenting. Even George
has to experiment with things to see if they work. (latest change
to the telnet stuff)
Playing with the code does many things, one: Tells you what works and
what doesn't. Two: Allows you to see where things are and how they work.
Three: Gets you familiar with how others do things.

I do appologize to everyone for sounding harsh, (personal problems
lately has
me a little tight).

Jerry Billings wrote:
> You know what...I don't mean to sound mean here..but this seems to be your
> only answer to every single question...look in the FAQ and WTFAQ...Some of us
> newbies have looked there, and either we couldnt find our answer, or it was
> too confusing for us to understand... Just please have a little more patience
> with us, and understand that we are trying to learn how to program ourselves,
> not just copy and paste. Remember when you were new? All the people I'm sure
> that helped you out? Just please keep them in mind when you try to help us.
> Its very frustrating when we can't figure something out..but then when we ask
> for help, its even more disheartening when basically we're told that we're
> stupid and should already know this or that. Anyways thats my 2 cents.
> Jerry

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