Re: [ADMIN] Combat systems

From: Susan Douglas (
Date: 02/04/00

>   Ideally, a few things should be considered: 1. does player (as in the
> real-life person) skill/experience affect the outcome?  2. do character
> in-game virtual person) stats/skills/equipment affect the outcome?
> (hopefully, to a lesser extent than you will find now)  3. to what extent
> can lag affect the outcome? (the less, the better)

Just a few ideas to toss out.  One of the RPG systems I like uses a seconds
based system.

WEAPONS SPEED - SKILL - REFLEXES  is when you go next.  Someone with a fine
rapier could go more often then someone wielding a club.  And some one with
greater skill would go more often than someone with a lesser skill.  And
natural reflexes (ie DEX) would also play a part.

I also think an offense/defence ratio would be nice.  Especially one you
could change on the fly.

Or what about combat commands like "protect joe" or "target eyes"?

Things to do on a Friday night.


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