Re: ASCII pfiles and speed

From: Adam G Dobrinin (
Date: 02/04/00

How did you add ascii pfiles?  I can't find how anywhere?  could you
point me to a specific site.  not just

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000 02:56:10 -0500 Ben Cartwright <> writes:
>     Using ASCII pfiles instead of binary adds a great deal of
> flexibility as
> far as adding new stuff goes, so I decided to add them to the mud
> I'm
> working on.  However, it takes the mud a lot longer to get through
> the
> save_char function, as it's doing a lot more work than before.
>     Such are the consequences of having a variable-length player
> entry.  I
> did go through the save_char function and changed all the fprintf's
> to
> sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), ...)'s, and a single fwrite at the end.
> I also
> attempted to optimize it by combining all the sprintf's that I
> could.  In
> the end I made save_char about twice as fast as it before (btw, I'm
> using a
> heavily modified version of Samedi's ASCII pfile system) , but the
> speed is
> still noticably slower than a port of the mud running on the same
> server
> with binary pfiles.
>     Commands that call save_char repeatedly... such as the immortal
> 'advance' command, and some clan commands that need to update all
> members
> (such as inserting new ranks) cause a very noticable pause in the
> game while
> save_char rushes to write everything out.  Players spamming 'quit;1'
> can
> also slow the mud down too.  A significant number of players getting
> together and spamming that for a while can cause a lot of missed
> pulses,
> even on a mud that uses binary pfiles.
>     Anyway, the purpose of this message to ask any mud admins who
> use ASCII
> pfiles in their mud (with players of course:P) whether speed has
> been that
> big of a pain, and any pointers on further optimizing the speed.
>     I'm considering making some sort of queque for chars that need
> saving,
> so it can be done gradually, and the mud won't be calling save_char
> for the
> same character repeatedly. (such as in the 'advance' command)  But
> before I
> make that my project for the first half of the weekend, I thought it
> would
> be worthwhile to ask someone who's been using ASCII pfiles in their
> production mud, in case there's another solution I've been
> overlooking.
> Thanks,
>     --Ben Cartwright
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Adam Dobrinin

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