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From: Jerry Billings (
Date: 02/06/00

I'm trying to add the ability to mail someone without being in the post
office, i took the postmaster special and tried to rewrite it like everyone
said but i'm coming to a brick wall, the command is sorta working, only it
says everyone isnt registered so i think its not checking the palyerfile
right. here is the command. I put it in mail.c


  long recipient;
  char buf[256], **write;
  char buf2[256];
  int price = STAMP_PRICE;
  struct obj_data *obj;
  extern struct index_data *obj_index;

  obj = NULL;

  two_arguments(arg, buf, buf2);

  if (!*buf) {          /* you'll get no argument from me! */
    send_to_char("You need to specify an addressee!\r\n", ch);

  if (*buf2 && (obj = get_obj_in_list_vis(ch, buf2, ch->carrying))) {
    send_to_char("Your attachment jumps into a black hole.\r\n", ch);
    price += STAMP_PRICE*0;
    price += GET_OBJ_WEIGHT(obj)*0;

  if (GET_GOLD(ch) < price) {
    send_to_char("A stamp costs 0 chits.\r\n", ch);

  if (obj != NULL) {
    ch->desc->mail_vnum = GET_OBJ_VNUM(obj);
  } else
    ch->desc->mail_vnum = NOTHING;

  if ((recipient = get_id_by_name(buf)) < 0) {
    send_to_char("No one by that name is registered here!", ch);
  send_to_room("starts to write some mail.", ch->in_room);
  send_to_char("Write your message, use @ on a new line when done.", ch);

  GET_GOLD(ch) -= price;
  SET_BIT(PLR_FLAGS(ch), PLR_MAILING);  /* string_write() sets writing. */

  /* Start writing! */
  CREATE(write, char *, 1);
  string_write(ch->desc, write, MAX_MAIL_SIZE, recipient, NULL);

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