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From: Shawn Daniel (
Date: 02/07/00

> From: Jerry Billings []
> Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2000 4:35 PM
> Subject: [CIRCLE] MISC Special program
> Okay, I'm running my MUD on my own personnal server, but my server isnt at
> home, its at my work place, so here is my deliema, every time my mud
> do to faulty commands or whatever, i have to log into my server via
> PCAnywhere and click "close" and then it'll reboot like normal. I'm
> Win98, and my autorun file works great, it just pauses when ever it
> and waits till someone clicks close..
> so what i need is a program that will automatically click close for
> should i go about writing one, or does someone have one premade?

I am assuming that in properties you have checked the close on exit box.  By
checking this box, the window will automatically close when the program
ends.  Does the program actually end or does it hang?

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