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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/08/00

Ryan Underwood wrote:
> > autoexec.bat is a system file that is used for running programs
> > automatically BEFORE Windows starts up, and last I heard, CircleMUD
> > requires Windows to run, also, I can't possibly imagine how your
> > computer would even be connected to the internet when that file is run.
> Err, in this context I believe he was just using "autoexec" as in
> "automatically executing" the MUD.
> Independent of his system autoexec.bat.
> Besides, if this were the system autoexec.bat, that would mean that his /bin
> directory was off the root of the drive.
> Not a likely case.

Quite true however, I would not recommend naming a .bat file
autoexec.bat unless it is the system file autoexec.bat.  It can only
lead to confusion in the long run.
> > This also eliminates the recursive way in which the .bat file is calling
> > itself endlessly (a bad thing to be sure).
> DOS batch files do not "call" other batch files, they simply pass control.
> To actually make a call a batch file (with post-return) the command would be
> 'call foo.bat'.

Yes this is also true however, if you're going to do something, do it
right, there is no need to continuously load and run the .bat file in
this way since all you have to do is create a loop as I showed earlier.
> > pause, kill, etc. files, checking for the files is easy with `if
> > exists'.
> 'if exist' (variable) (do this) actually.
`if exist <filename> <command>', actually.

> > While the DOS .bat
> > language (if it can be called a language) is extremely limited, with a
> > ceartain amount of creativity you can do quite a lot with it.
> Very true.
> For some interesting reading check out these URLs:

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