[NEWBIE] Charts, Tables, Help?

From: Dave Ely (banzai5150@home.com)
Date: 02/08/00

Hello to the List.

As I dig deeper and deeper into the code trying to get a semblance of understanding how everything works I was thinking of something that would make it easier for me.  I thought that if I had a chart or somethingn akin to it that showed what each stat affected or was affected by and the like so I could see how everything intertwines better.  This way, if I decide to change A I know it will affect B as well and make appropriate changes as well.

Well with that all being said, does anyone already have such a thing already that their willing to share? Or point me in a direction?

running CircleMUD bpl17, Oasias 2.0, and DG Scripts bpl7

thank you in advance
Dave Ely
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