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From: Tony Maro (
Date: 02/08/00

At least you don't live in Alabama.  A couple of weeks ago
they thought it was going to snow so they closed the schools.
It never snowed.  The next morning I got up and found frost
on my car and thought the schools would be closed again ;-)

Since when did we add a new state?  North Virginia? <hehe>

Just so people remember this is a Circle group...

Some time back there was discussion (maybe not this group)
of some sort of MUD linking system by which players could
literally walk from one server to another.  Has anyone
seen this in operation?

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> > > Cincinnati, OH (oh ye of 7 1/2 inches of snow in a week)
> > > Canada (somewhere in the snowy reaches near Queens)
> > Indeed, halfway between Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa.  We have
> > a mere 6 inches on the ground right now.  Mind you... that's
> > since Sunday.  That still gives us 4 days left in the week.
> > Ae.
>Hey I'm in Fairbanks and it's been snowing since sometime this morning..  I
>think it's letting up now and no idea how much we've had.
>I just thought it was cool that one of the developers lived semi-(long
>shot) close to me :)

and here i am in north virgina, away from everyone.  not that i am surprised
who would want to be near politions.

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