Re: Mud within a mud (was Forking - a few queries)

From: Tony Maro (
Date: 02/09/00

This sounds like what I'm doing, sort of, however not really based on
circle code (at all)

Anyway, I have a mud server that takes connections and then can delve them
out to another server, even on another computer.  Requires a special client
though.  However you can literally walk off one mud server onto another and
not even know it.  Even can have multiple threads running on the same PC
that are different areas of the game.

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>On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Dan Argent wrote:
>> Thought - A mud within a mud? Seems like you could have a development
>> Mud inside another sharing world and playerfiles, or am I just plain
>> wrong...?
>Well, there's some question as to which process handles the connections.
>Just as useful and much more trivial would be a seperate development Mud
>running on a seperate port that your developers would connect to, or,
>even, a development Mud running with a PF_UNIX (i.e., internal to the
>computer) connection, that is connected to by the main server when a
>developer on the main server goes into "wizard" mode.

  What if it was a seperate program than CircleMUD acting as a hub to
handle all connections and then pass them on to the fork'd CircleMUD
(modified to receive these handed down connections) to handle.  Now for a
development mud that is accessed when going into wizard mode or what have
you, the hub program passes your connection to the other fork'd mud (this
one would be maybe a building area or a testing-of-new-code area).
  I'm not much of a C or network expert (yet, heh) so I leave these ideas
to someone more knowledgeable to throw down or to take into consideration.

-Da' Kool Cat

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