Re: Max stats.

From: Del (
Date: 02/11/00

True, this is a major overhaul type of thing..
Best left un-tried by a newbie. Going through ALL the code
to find those things that deal with stats can be a bear!
One good suggestion is to define some variables like
STAT_STR, STAT_INT, etc.. and work through the code
to replace everything that needs to be. After you think
you find everything.. Try changing STAT_STR to 250 or whatever
and this way, you don't have to change ALL the code back if it
fails.. Just change the variable back to 25 or whatever..
Thats a suggestion..

Axiem wrote:
> > If i want the max str/int/wis/dex/con to be 250 how do i do... i've tried some ways but i can't get it working i guess i need to change some data types to short or something like that.. please i need help.
> >
> *decides not to flame for asking for code*
> Well, you'd need to change the variable type, to be sure. And you may
> have to go through and change the % things (forget name offhand) through
> out the code when it deals with the stats. Oh, and you have to go
> through the code and change the stuff where it sets limits up. Plus
> probably more than I can think of. This  is a major overhaul type of
> thing methinks :P (Although I'm going to have to do it to boost my
> limits up to perhaps 25 or 30..can't quite decide yet)
> -Axiem
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