Re: MUD balancing

From: Jess Heinig (
Date: 02/13/00

  You mean "game balance," I presume.
  This is not something easily computed with a formula, since what's balanced for one MUD isn't necessarily balanced for another. Also, you might think that you could just build a certain range, but the tolerance will differ depending on the MUD. That is, a
low-money, low-power game would see tolerances of three or four points as a viable range, while a high-power, high-money game might see three or four *hundred* point variations as reasonable tolerances.
  You really need to do your balancing by hand. Only you, the implementor, can decide what's appropriate to your game and what's not.
  As always, giving examples helps a lot more than just general questions . . . if you e-mail me I'd be more than happy to help.

Best of luck,
Jess Heinig
Mage developer
White Wolf game studio

Dave Ely wrote:

> Just wondering what everyone uses to help balance thier Mob/Obj's?  I was looking for a utility or something that I could either import all Mob's and Obj's so when a new zone is created I will know what is already created and what would cause an imbalance..
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