Re: QP System

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 02/14/00

Jerry Billings wrote:
> Okay here is my attempt: (DG Scripts wouldnt work, and i think this is the
> best way anyway)
> I added the following code into fight.c
>     make_corpse(ch);
> >>  if (IS_NPC(ch) && GET_QUESTP(killer) > 0)

        the person killed is a mobile
        the killer has 1 or more quest points already (what if they have 0?)

> >>    (GET_QUESTP(ch) + GET_QUESTP(killer));

        Add the killed mobile and the killer's quest points together and do
nothing with it.

You probably meant to add the values together and store them somewhere

> It compiles perfectly, and runs, but when i kill the mob with the quest
> points (I also added a place where i can set mob qps in the medit function of
> oasis, and that seems to work) okay when i kill the mob, the questpoints dont
> transfer over to the player. can anyone suggest anything? thank you.

I know for a fact that gcc would complain that the GET_QUESTP(ch) +
GET_QUESTP(killer)  would complain about that, something like 'Statement
has no effect'.  Are you ignoring the warning's produced ? (note I'm
working backwards though the 40+ emails sent in the last 10 hours!)


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