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From: Phillip A Ames (
Date: 02/14/00

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:23:05 -0500 Phillip A Ames <kirk47@JUNO.COM>
> Is anyone out there running BPL16+ with the oSearch patch installed?
> ran fine on my bpl14, but when I toasted everything and started over,
> it's crashing now each time I search for anything that isn't in the
> 'position' (osearch -p)...  I haven't started debugging yet, but I
> wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem.

Hmm, nevermind.  I figured out what it was.  For those of you interested
though, here goes...


[gowron@localhost src]$ grep 'top_of_objt' db.c -n
db.c:45:obj_rnum top_of_objt = 0;       /* top of object index table
db.c:1372:      top_of_objt = i++;
db.c:1555:  for (nr = 0; nr <= top_of_objt; nr++) {
db.c:2652:  top = top_of_objt;

[gowron@localhost src]$ grep 'top_of_objt' osearch.c -n
osearch.c:38:extern int top_of_objt;
osearch.c:286:  for( iList = 0; iList <= top_of_objt; iList++ )


[gowron@localhost src]$ grep 'top_of_objt' osearch.c -n
osearch.c:38:extern obj_rnum top_of_objt;
osearch.c:286:  for( iList = 0; iList <= top_of_objt; iList++ )

Seems to be working fine now..  I don't understand why it would have
worked for the -p option before, though.  Oh well.

Does anyone know the address(or even if this EXISTS) for a program for
Windows that will take incoming data from a certain port and redirect it
to another IP address, another port(that I can configure)?  I've got my
MUD running on a machine in my local network, and I'm kinda disenchanted
with the idea of installing a trojan(such as Sub7) that allows me to take
incoming data on a port that I specify(currently 4000) and redirect it to
the IP address of my linux machine, port 4000 to show off my MUD while in
Windows to some of my friends :)  If anyone knows of a program that'll do
this(again, OTHER than a trojan, I had a hard time convincing some people
in #windows of that :)) I'd be grateful for a link, and please, e-mail me
& not the list.  Happy coding!


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