Re: Breath

From: Dave Ely (
Date: 02/14/00

I want to thank everyone for their Input into making my Breath work.  I have finally gotten
it to work properly, it was my checking in the procedure itself.

Just so you understand it's not really the same as Moves, Moves limit the # of
rooms you can go without resting, this will limit how fast you can travel.  I will
be putting in checks for %'s of breath and have you stop and huff and puff
unable to move till you regain your breath, or fall down or pass out if you run
to fast.  If anyone is interested in the final version let me know and I'll post it.

my new procedure (for now, I need to tweak values) is as follows:

void perform_breath(void)
  struct char_data *ch;

  for (ch = character_list; ch; ch = ch->next) {

    if (IS_NPC(ch))

    if (GET_BREATH(ch) < 100) GET_BREATH(ch) += 10;
    if (GET_BREATH(ch) <=   0) GET_BREATH(ch) =     0;
    if (GET_BREATH(ch) > 100) GET_BREATH(ch) = 100;

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