Re: Sorry about where can I get this MUD.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/16/00

        > my stuff snipped out, see previous post <
>     Sounds a bit paranoid to me.  One of circlemud's best features is
> portability... say you loose your server and you need to port the mud people
> have been adding junk to for several years... it's still easy to port the
> whole thing, even with all the customizations.
>     The easiest solution is to (surprise) trust your coders.  Not hiring
> outside coders seems to help as well; instead, promote long-time players who
> are loyal to the mud and have a working knowledge of C.  They're not
> terribly difficult to find.

        Heh. You must have a lower standard of 'working knowledge' than I
do.  With a single exception in nearly 6 years of mudding + coding muds,
I've found three other persons who had both ability and loyalty to a
single mud enough to be trusted 100%.  Most of the reason that they could
be trusted was because they were so apathetic to the whole idea of muds in
general that they just didn't care, and eventually drifted off to do
something else altogether.

        Of the ones that were loyal; they had no skill, or at least enough
to cause serious harm, usually involving string manipulation, file
manipulaiton or memory management.  Lucky for me, I am a sysadmin too, so
I got into the backup theme before it was a real problem. (cvs helps make
it fast too).

        Of the ones with skill; they still had barely any skill/exp.  And
after realizing how to program based on the examples they saw, they'd end
up going to some other mud that just opened with an advertisment for a
coder imm position.  Of course, they'd complain when after not producing
anything for 4 months with login times around 8-10 minutes total that they
couldn't get into the shell anymore, and that their imm didn't exist, but
hey *shrugs*.


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