Re: Help Editor

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/16/00

StormeRider wrote:
> I'm installing the help editor on my MUD and was wondering about
> something...
> If you do "hedit blah", then the keyword will be "blah". Is there a
> function exisiting in Circle to uppercase an entire string or only
> the first character of the string?
> If not, shouldn't be too hard to write, but this way the keywords will
> match the look of the stock help files.

Extremely easy, here's an example...

/* This does not preserve the original, the return value is there only
to make it easy to use inline. */
char *make_upper(char *buf)
  char *ptr;

  for (ptr = buf; *ptr; ptr++) *ptr = UPPER(*ptr);

  return buf;

of course if you never plan on using it inline, then the following will
work just as well...

void make_upper(char *buf) { for (;*buf;buf++) *buf = UPPER(*buf); }

Regards, Peter

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