Re: how can you protect your mud from your own programmers

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Date: 02/16/00

At 06:22 PM 2/16/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >     > lengthy history snipped out, see previous post <
>     Well, I can certainly see where you're coming from, and I respect that.
>However, I would still never implement something like that, or do any
>(MUD/hobby) coding somewhere where that was implemented, because:
>(1) Coding MUDs is a hobby.  No one's getting paid for this. (or at least
>they shouldn't be..)

That's an ethical debate. In the past I know that people have considered hiring
people and paying them with money to write code for the MUD. And I don't
believe that violates the licenses.

>(2) If you make library files and remove the source:
>     (a) New coders will be less able to figure out how everything works.


>     (b) OLC stuff and DG Script stuff may not be updated frequently, but
>what about patches that are still being released?  You'll be unable to
>delegate patching up to another coder if the source is stashed away.

Completely agreed.

>     (c) Crashes?  How will gdb or other debugging tools work if there is no
>source code available to them?  Pretty much every possible snippet, patch,
>etc. is in beta at best.  And it would be unwise to assume any hidden source
>that you've written will never cause a crash.

That would be virtually impossible.

>(3) Site moves.  You're creating more trouble for yourself should you ever
>have to move the site.

Assuming he has the source to recompile the libs, I don't per se think so...

>     Of course, in the end, if you feel the need to protect your source from
>your own programmers, then you should.  Your solution sounds feasible, and
>would be interesting to see implemented, for the sake of seeing it
>implemented.  It's one of those wishy-washy gray areas such as logging
>passwords or writing a command to read other people's mail.  Trusting people
>vs. not trusting them.

Logging passwords is something that is an ethical issue because players trust
the immortals not to do so-- though there is _no_ written guarantee that
such is
the case. The same with mail.

Not trusting your own immortals is, depending on your perspective, either
sense or site policy. It shouldn't be considered an ethical issue.

>--Ben Cartwright


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