Re: hedit bpl16

From: StormeRider (
Date: 02/17/00

At 08:43 AM 2/17/00 -0800, you wrote:
>The problems are numerous and I was hoping someone had posted a snippet or
>patch for bpl16. I am getting a ton of minor errors that I don't have time
>to debug right now. I'd rather spend time working on original code. Any help

Then either write hedit from scratch or buckle down and work with this, or....
give up.

>would be greatly appreciated.

If you want help, you MUST give us something to help you _with_. :P

I recently hand patched hedit for bpl17 into my MUD, right after doing so for
AEDIT, and here were some of the things I noticed:

* what used to be olc.c is oasis.c.
* olc_add_to/remove_from_save_list are now just add_to_save_list and
* you'll want to define an SL_HLP for working with the save list

And those are the biggies, the rest is all minor stuff.


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