Re: MUD balancing

From: Del (
Date: 02/18/00

I developed a stack of triggers to stat all the mobs/objects in a mud
with zmud. It stores the data how ever you want with little
depending on changes to the vstat/stat displays.
This can be tossed easily into a spread sheet or word doc.
Another way, is to take olist, mlist and/or zlist to print more than
just the object name. (easily done also). Currently, I have it list
the mob's gold, level and experience. Objects it lists the affections,
and depending on object type a few other variables.

Dan Merillat wrote:
> Jess Heinig writes:
> However, to actually balance your mobs I'd reccomend running statistics
> on your mob files.  In unix, AWK is your friend for making a nice comma
> delimited file to import into a statistics package.
> For instance, do some math on things like number of attacks * likelyhood
> to hit a specific AC * average damage and then compare that to experience.
> Somewhere I've got a formula that figures out how much damage a mob dishes
> out vs how much it can take (thaco * attacks * damage / AC * hp)  Plot that
> and look for outriders.  You'll probably fall into a few ranges...
> Also, it's hard to formulate the value of items. They often are worth much
> more then their "store" price, especially the good ones that are so
> sought after. I'd look for "exceptional" items on average mobs.

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