Re: Aliases

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/19/00

Del wrote:
> Anyone see any problems that might arise from saving aliases when
> Aliases are changed?

Only this...

Future scanario with approx. 100 players logged in...

gos Hey everyone try this alias out I just came up with which will take
you into the secret passage uder the staircase...
gos alias get candle;light candle;put candle in candleholder;turn
candleholder;enter passage

45 players all set a new alias in a 5 second period of time, lag
everywhere as the HDD on the server crunches trying to keep up with the
sudden amount of demand placed on it from writing all the aliases out to

Well, you get the idea, probably won't be that big of a problem, and of
course it depends on the existing server load, etc.

Regards, Peter

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