From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 02/20/00

Personal I always check a MUD's web-site before I playthe actual MUD.
Sometimes you think you found a mud that looks cool and you check the
web-page and read more about the MUD and find out it sucks really bad (or
you don't check the web-page and the MUD sucks when you play it so you
check the web-page only to find out if you checked the web-page you would
have known.)
Also I have a lot of things on my web-page a HTML "who", class/race
descriptions, numerous boards (general discussion, idea's board, ect), and
a java telnet client that hooks directly into my MUD. (Like what they have
at  It's cool cause then people can check out
your MUD without bringing up a new window and the client supports ANSI.
(if you want to check out this applet goto this is version 1.0 cause
I couldn't get 2.1 to work.)


> Hi all,
>     Do you admins out there feel a web page is essential to a muds growth
> and development?  What kinds of things do you put on your pages?
> Thanks,
> Jon Knapp

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