Re: [CODE] character_list corruption?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/21/00

> After a few days of uptime functions that search through the character list
> seem to "miss" players and mobiles that have been in the mud for the
> longest.  The postmaster for instance, since he is a mob that is not killed
> after a couple days uptime, if I do a where postmaster or goto postmaster I
> receive a "No such creature or object around".  The codebase is a very
> modified bpl10 running on RH 6.0.

        I've seen this happen a few times myself, but it doesn't seem to
be related to anything in particular, on a bpl11.  I'd have to guess that
theres a few instances in the code where certain advertized functions are
not as safe as they might otherwise seem[1].

        However, I think this happens maybe once every 60-90 days at most,
probably quite a bit less.  More often I see that the tick pulse will
change from 75 seconds to the mob pulse (2 seconds I think).  Not sure why
this is, but this also happens very rarely, and not at all in recent

        Wish I could help out, but I don't know what might cause it
myself, other than vague references to mangling character lists.


[1] - see recent posts about the need to not depend on any 'next' pointer,
even if it's stored before the mangling function is called.

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