Re: Crash "Feb 20, 0 03:06:49 pm"

From: Glenn M. Brunette (
Date: 02/21/00

> > Okay this is about the tenth time i've had a crash with the same code.
> i've
> > added amny different bits of code and every now and then one will crash,
> > but not because of the code i added. when i debug it it sends me to this
> > code.
> My guess would be that the data you're sending the function is what's
> causing the crash.  In GDB, it should also print the function call being
> made and where in your code it is:  that's where I would look.

When I ran the MUD through Purify (a memory analysis package), it
showed that there was a free memory read in calling that function
after a mob had been killed.  To fix, I saved the return code from
damage() and called this function only if the return value >= 0.


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