Re: [CODE] Parallel Processing

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/21/00

Andrew Ritchie wrote:
> Dear all,
> If I had two processors running in my server computer, would Circle take
> advantage of this? Is it something that the computer/operating system
> automatically harnesses, or is it something that needs to be coded in?
> Does anyone have any idea what it could be useful for in a MUD? If you could
> somehow split all CPU operations between the two CPUs that would be great,
> that's if it doesn't already do that. Discussion is welcome.

If my understanding of parrellel processing is correct it is something
that the OS or the compiler, or both can take advantage of, so it's more
platform and implementation specifig than anything.  I don't think you
can run a single process or thread on two processors because each
instruction usually depends on the instruction before it, the best way
(afaik) to take advantage of parrallel processors is to run a separate
process or thread on each processor.

Regards, Peter

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